Biggest car servicing scam, ever | Auto Expert John Cadogan

Coming up the biggest car servicing ripoff in Australia, new development there and guaranteed, you have already been ripped off by this. I’M John Cadogan from auto expert comdata. You the place best new car buyers, safe thousands off their next new cars, hit me up on the website. For that, the GD VP of Shitsville, the gross domestic product grew by an incredible 25 percent just last week, thanks to increased output from some of our more world-class homegrown bullshitters, the science denying asshole Morrison government did nothing except contribute here, predictably enough, but here is the Genius of politics right: they sexed it up like a real win for consumers. Sorry I mean voters and the media typically just lapped it up and spat it back out as dumb shits. Here’S how Nick Toscano kicked off his wonderfully authority of investigative piece on this in Fairfax Media global car makers will be compelled to provide tens of thousands of Australian mechanics with the technical information needed to fix increasingly computerized modern vehicles under a new plan being developed by The federal government to be completely fair, high-level government asshole spin-doctors did use all the right hot-button buzzwords in their release, including level playing field and hard working strands. It’S very hard for a journalist to swim against a strong EM tide of that nature. The cognizant of the looming election elite, bullshitter and junior burger Minister for finance and Treasury said sessile. They’Re, said more choice and more competition will put downward pressure on the cost of vehicle repairs. Ensuring the best deal for families when getting their car repaired because clearly is only ever families who need to get their cars repaired and sorry to rain. On the whole, let’s get reelected parade, but all you government, metal lovers really did here was release another in an endless stream of consultation papers again still over the firm proposal to maybe at some indefinite point in a possible future, perhaps mandate the sharing of servicing data Between car makers and independent mechanics, this would, of course, be hilarious in a yes ministerial context if it were fiction and not fat, especially as it makes our fine South Pacific paradise, look like some friggin anti-consumer Banana Republic, and I hate that this issue was a political Hot potato, almost three years ago now you might recall I reported on that then and emphatically nothing has been done in the intervening time. That’S your tax dollars at work. Tar makers are generally and with a couple of notable exceptions, chronically anti-competitive mongrels. They do not want your local mechanic to be able to service their car, even though it’s actually your car, because you bought it and even though restricting trade to achieve this is both illegal and anti-competitive. In fact, the a Triple C found about a year ago now that car makers were routinely withholding computerized vehicle servicing data from mechanics outside their own authorized dealer networks, the truthless watchdog, even found that car makers were systematically incentivized to do this. But, of course no action has been taken, and that is also your tax dollars at work. The status quo costs you money, okay, because you either go to the dealer for service or repairs, and you generally pay through the neck for that privilege or you go to your local guy and he hits some roadblock in the form of a withheld information or black Hole and when this happened it costs him time and therefore it costs you money to solve, and sometimes the independent guy even has to take your car to a dealer to get something done, that they could have done in-house if only they were blessed with access to The data – and you are the bunny in the middle footing the bill for this insane double handling. There are, of course, perfectly functional off-the-shelf data sharing schemes. Overseas murica actually has one and they’ve had one for years, and car makers do not want to share the data in ratata Stan any more than they do here. The only difference is regulation. Retarder, Stanny feds legislated to compel car makers to share the frigging data, there’s a federal watchdog and they manage compliance and independent independent repairers just have to log on to an online portal for the servicing information they need. It really is that simple, the independence even pay a fee for access, so this is an earner for the car maker potentially, and they do the same thing in Europe. So it would of course, be child’s play to clone this scheme and implement it here in Shitsville. We don’t need more high-level, bullshit consultation. If that’s the word to determine whether or not this is a fine idea, it simply is, and we don’t need to develop a means of sharing the data because one already exists. We just need to do something the Morison government hates they need to act decisively and for a change in favor of consumers. Here in Shitsville and amazingly, you know people still wonder why I call it that a powerful anti consumer lobby group with a grandiose but bullshit name representing car makers, called the Federal Chamber of automotive industries. The FC AI has been busily giving the government a fist-sized State massage on this issue. For several years now, federal chamber assholes actually claim that a voluntary data sharing code is working well, unquote and fuck me. If that isn’t God’s honest truth, it is in fact working brilliantly for car makers. Unfortunately, it’s also royally screwing over you and me, and independent mechanics, and the government is just too stupid to see this even after years of alleged ongoing consultation. If that’s the word and of course they do enjoy that this size tickle a spokeswoman for the FCA, I am I’ve kind of known for years and problematically respect open the bullshit floodgates even further, our focus will be on ensuring the end results provide the most positive Outcomes for Australian consumers, given the highly sophisticated and technical nature of the modern automobile, the FCA, I will bring a strong focus on the safety and well-being of automotive staff, technicians and customers to the discussion. Professional respect notwithstanding. Allow me to retort positive outcomes for consumer safety, and the well-being of consumers is simply not part of the topography of the car industry’s filthy, little lobby groups remit. They are funded by the car industry to the government into delivering the optimal outcome for car makers. That’S how this works and that outcome would be not to share the frigging servicing data. The FCA. I is an anti consumer lobby group, which is, of course, why they claim to be the exact opposite and the media just lets them. Have it it’s like giving them a free, kick glass? A cherry on the icing of the filthy lobby groups, comments a token truth in the form of a statement that they were quote looking forward to working closely with Treasury. On this topic, I am absolutely certain. They are doing that. I’M sure that some grubby car industry, Barrow pusher, the pink piston of Kingston, is already pulling on an elbow length, latex glove and looking forward to a long reciprocal lunch with appropriate Treasury officials to continue the fine research into simple harmonic motion. That’S been going on to date. Meanwhile, it is you and I and our local mechanics getting bent over while the government remains mentally retarded on who it actually gets paid to represent, and the car industry and his asshole lobby group continues to enjoy exactly what it once eyyy anti-competitive nirvana happy clapping god-bothering Tongue speaking, Prime Minster, Scott Morrison, I would say it’s beholden on this fine nation’s top political dickhead to display a prominent pair of testes on issues such as this with a right course of action in support of voters is so fundamentally clear. What a pity you appear. Not to be fuckin packing and packing, both of those things not to be facking the fine swinging pair. We demand of you to get important jobs such as this across the line.