What really happens if I don’t get my car serviced?

Every now and then someone makes a new and brazen attempt to scale the daunting North Face of Mount ignoramus. Invariably they achieve new dizzying heights before the mountain shrugs them off and they plunge deep into a crevasse from which the only hope of escape is to tunnel out by credit card. I’M John Cadogan from auto expert kaamdar, you the place where Ozzie new car buyers save thousands off their next new cars hit me up on the website. For that today’s predict. Amore comes from a woman. I will not name mainly because I have no burning desire. No need to embarrass her, specifically on top of the problem that she already faces. Question about the quality of modern engines. I have a 17 month old vehicle. We serviced it at 1 year 35 thousand kilometers. We thought it was a 1 year interval equals didn’t think it had to be at 15,000. Kilometres service was fine now five months into the service, and the engine has seyis ed. Is that right? No, that’s not right. I recommend spellchecker I before E, except weighing surveiling or reimbursing either a seized, caffeinated deity or a heinous seismic poltergeist concierge on a heifer whose neighbor reignited eight feisty foreign sovereign atheist reindeer after a heist. That’S weird: is it possible for an engine to completely pack up after only 17 months? Are they not built like they used to be? Would love your advice because at this stage we’re up for a new engine? It’S now not covered under warranty, which will essentially cost us five to ten thousand dollars. Unfreaking believable. But perhaps I should not be surprised anyone can whip down to Bunnings, which is kind of like Home Depot, if you’re not from around here and procure a nine inch angle grinder one of my favorite implement for purifying the gene pool so incredibly effective. Then should you choose to operate it in the privacy of your own domicile nude at 2:00 a.m. on a ladder after consuming a bottle of Jack Daniels, perhaps wearing a car battery attached to your reproductive organs via a set of jumper cables? Then I suppose nobody is really going to intervene and stopyou, but frankly, as a professional, I should learn you in the pre-emptive advancement that any one of those operational decisions is probably a mistake. The point is, there are minimum responsibilities that come with just about everything. There’S an operational baseline that is simply assumed and there are consequences if you fail to heed these, even if only because you are ignorant of them. I understand that this is an unpleasant position to be, and I absolutely get that a blown engine definitely not fun. I mean I’ve had fun, and that is not it. This situation is, of course, not a one-off. It’S collective ignorance and not the first time. I’Ve had someone try to deflect accountability after letting the service lapse more approximately infinity longer than they should have not servicing a car for thirty five thousand Kay’s is nuts. That’S almost one lap of the planet. It’S utterly negligent and completely indefensible to feign ignorance. In the face of the repair bill that you can’t jump over, what I cannot defend here is the tactic in play, rather than just take responsibility. Let’S try to brush it off on the carmaker. Servicing requirements are very clearly spelled out in the owner’s manual. Even a politician would get them. The clear protocol is servicing on the basis of time or distance which ever occurs first and the intervals specified other maximum possible operational times and distances between services. Pretty simple huh twelve months or fifteen thousand Kay’s is a very generous service. Interval. 35,000 Kay’s is a cruel and unusual punishment. There is no doubt in my mind, legally or morally that there will be no regal room for having this fixed under consumer law, no grounds for legal action and almost certainly no altruistic offering by the carmaker to pick up the tab. This has nothing to do with engine build quality, a properly maintained engine from any of the leading car makers will last two hundred thousand kilometres, maybe more depending on the usage, and this is not a quality problem. This is a you subjected it to enhanced interrogation at Abu Ghraib and it died problem. One of the more perverse feedback consequences of the incredible advances in automotive reliability over the past forty years is the rise of a mechanically decoupled segment of the population. I’M talking about people who own a car but believe that maintenance is optional. I’M tipping the car at the epicenter of this shitstorm has not had the oil or coolant levels checked in thirty five thousand Kay’s ditto the tire pressures. The only reason these Muppets bother filling up with fuel is that they know the car’s going to become furniture if they don’t. If these people just check the oil, water and air every second time they filled up with fuel, reliability generally would jump through the roof. There’S an elephant in the room to just about every car has a service indicator. A message on the dashboard says: I dick ed, get your car serviced. It’S do I need it now when yours has been a glow for the past 20,000 kilometres that sound you hear, is you loading the chambers and pulling the trigger repeatedly Russian Roulette? Let’S play yes, there’s underlying science. Here too, pesky little rule called the second law of thermodynamics, all about a thing called entropy. It’S a scientific fact: a physical property like length or weight, it’s a measure of inherent spatial and energetic homogeneity, randomness and you’re thinking. So what take a look at a balmy old shit-heap one day, a real dung box and imagine the day that it rolled off the production line, not a single defect, all shiny, no rust, all the systems online and operational, even new car smell. So what happened? The answer is time happened. Entropy increases with time. Entropy is why the house needs painting it’s. Why steel rusts? It’S why food spoils everything gets messy untended on a personal level. Entropy is why we all get old and die. Cancer is literally entropy at work on your DNA and I’m not making that up on the most macro level. Entropy is a virus that infects the universe. It’S actually entropy that imprints the arrow of time on the universe. Thank you very much, Stephen Hawking, the ultimate conclusion being a totally homogenized universe with no free energy. They even call that the heat death of the universe – and this is of course, why there is no God a creator – would not have botched this design so badly. So breathtakingly inelegantly, it’s all just an accident and anyway back on earth. Entropy is why you cannot escape the obligation to service your car, a very expensive lesson for some I’d suggest anyway, before I let you go words of naked encouragement just now. Some feedback from the YouTube comments feed for balance. If you believe anything, this Muppet has to say you’re, easily swayed and will probably believe anything News, Corp’s back idiot at best news, corn, very, very harsh, Brett Jackson and it’s two words dickhead just saying, but you very much Brett. Thank you sincerely for your interest in the reports, and now this missive from anti-semite. I doubt there is any presenter on YouTube, more annoying and a worse asshole than this ozzie loser, at least he was honest to say he lives in Shitsville. Undoubtedly, the descendant of an English felon likely pedophile rapist. So that’s just about all I can take today from me: asshole Ozzy, loser descendant of a Pompano rapist reporting live from Shitsville. Actually, my relatives were on the side of law and order. Here I am a descendant of Isaac Tarr, who was a Marine on the first fleet on the Sirius which arrived here in Shitsville with a bunch of British pedo rapists, bread, stealers belowdecks on the 26th of January 1788. Just saying so, you see entropy even infects. The comments feed it really is everywhere. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a YouTube creator, do make a point of going on the concrete sandwich. Diet! Won’T you because you will need to harden up somewhat. The lowest form of humanity is out there. Entropy ingush, it out of itself sitting on stained basement, captures all alone in the sweaty boxes, with no friends unable to get it up, eating Cheetos and doing what they do best, which would be enthusiastically impotent lee impotently, both of those things being nobody – and I kind Of like that, there really is a place for everyone. Don’T forget, get your damn car serviced on time. If you know what’s good for you, I’m John Cadogan subscribe and lube up for more of me, I’d like that. I hope this helps thanks for watching